Repost: I built my own little JIRA

published on 09 August 2022
Work and Team Organisation Tool
Work and Team Organisation Tool

(Original Post from 12th Sept 2020)

Since I built my job boards ( eg ( ) it's now over a year passed, and I have also built my social media post/schedule tool Kunvenu, which I use daily for my #go posts via @golangch, reaching over 17000 followers (updated by 9th Aug 2022)

My own Software Project Management Tool

What I worked on over the weekends for the last four months is my own Project Management Tool, named omnited.

It's a Project and Task management, where you can define what kind of Status, Priorities, and Issue Types you want (on the project, folder, and list level).

Task Editor
Task Editor

You have a list of people working in your company (where not all must be Users) and can invite new ones via the app.
As a User or Project Manager, you now have two types of Issue Views: List and Board.


Golang / Tech Stack:

  • Golang backend, Chi Router, own auth/authz implementation
  • ArangoDB and Redis for data
  • Nsq for queueing
  • Frontend Vue, Vuex, Bulma (with Buetify components)
  • Hosting on own Server with Rancher 1.x/Docker
Screenshot from 2022-08-09 12-07-48-pwjq7


Original Post from 12th Sept 2020

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