Agile Software Development Services

Planning, Analysis, Product Design, Development & Implementation, Testing, Maintenance

  • Software Requirements

     A Solution can never be better than how we recognize the problem which should be solved. From that point to the solution definitions, you get all from me, based on decades of experience  

  • Software Architecture

    Knowing the requirements it's time to define the best fit to be used Tech Stack and the building blocks of the software architecture. 

  • Project and Team Management

    Leading international projects and building multidisciplinary and agile software teams give me the perfect mix of what I can use to lead your project and team(s)

  • Messaging and IoT Applications

    For over 15 years I am involved in omnichannel Messaging related Software and IoT Use Case implementations. 

    Let's share this experience and skills together.

  • Application Integration Services

    Integrating with internal and external software systems and data is a key driver of Digitalization.

    I can offer my huge experience from simple to enterprise integration projects.

  • Golang & JS/TS Programming

    Do you need an experienced Go and JavaScript / TypeScript Developer to complete the job?

    I love to develop and have partners I can trust if we need more Devs and other Skills.

  • Generalist

    I'm available to help you launch your startup, choose your tech stack, develop your application, or review your software architecture.

    Although I specialize in Go and JavaScript/Typescript, I have over 20 years of experience building web applications, APIs, and messaging services using different languages and technologies.

    I speak both technology and business.
    See more below about my SaaS Product Management Services 

I 😻 to develop software for you

SaaS Product Management Services

From product improvements to completely new
Software as a Service Products

  • Idea

    Have just an idea or already a detailed description of your future product in hand?

    I can help you with my sincere feedback and refine the solution to a product that can be built and successfully launched.

  • Execution

    You know it. No idea gets a success story without a professional execution to bring the product to the customers.

    I have been doing this for over 2 decades and want to do a success story with you.

  • Life-Cycle

    Product launched? Have first customers? 

    Great, and now it's about improvements, maintenance, scalability, customer experience, systems integration...